Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One hundred and sixty nine

My husband gave me a small waterproof (and shockproof) point and shoot camera for my birthday last month.  I think he had been trying to avoid my over photographing Disney with the SLR on our trip.  I agreed to take the 'real' camera only one day...and even that resulted in a dropping disaster.  I guess he was right!  But, now that we have our pool open at home, I've been able to mess around with the underwater capacity of my new little guy a bit more.  It is tricky!  But fun of course.
 I think I may need a snorkel, though.


augcott said...

Dang! I'm jealous..... :-D
I've always wanted a camera to take underwater shots .... Lucky you.
And those two shots are great!!!
Keep it up! :-D

Sandi Burns said...

Cool underwater shots! I would love to try some with my "real" camera, but doubt I will ever "waterproof" it. Sorry about the dropping incident, I would be mortified!

Adrienne said...

Fun! Especially love that second shot - has a real summer-in-the-pool feel to it!

Nicki said...

too cool - I mean seriously - TOO COOL!

May said...

What a lot of fun that looks like!