Saturday, June 15, 2013

one hundred and sixty five

I continue to be impressed with my 'vacation lens' (as my husband calls it.)
My new 50mm 1.8 is holding it's own, impressing me even in low light and down at 1.8 to 2 (which is what I shot the playing dogs at yesterday).  It does fish for focus and it does so loudly, but the images look good to me.  And since I'm not shooting weddings or newborns or anything professional, I don't have to worry about being noisy.  It does make me think the focus mechanism might be even more likely to break than the 1.4, but since I seem to have an issue with...ahem...breaking things, I'm not sure the difference will matter.
Time will tell.

Yesterday we made pizza and even let the little one pat out dough.  I don't usually do this.  Usually I give jobs like sprinkling cheese.  Since mealtimes are more relaxed over the summer, it seems more and more I find the kids in the kitchen actually helping with dinner, and this is something I'd like to cultivate.  Plus, we're having fun.  

Even if our hands get messy.

Something else I've been impressed with recently is  Another reasonably cheap photography tool!  Again, may not be the stuff of professionals, but boy is it effective and fun.  I love the daguerreotype effect, which really turns 'eh' into 'wow'--to me, anyway.  I have the upgraded service, and after a few months I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of options.  And it is possible I am still overeditting in my zealousness.

So, that's my photography two cents for the day.
Have a great weekend!

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Adrienne said...

I live on PicMonkey!! Love it!. These are all great - that last shot is 'wow' for me...must be the lashes!