Sunday, June 23, 2013

One hundred and seventy three



Arts and Crafts



Happy Sunday!


Adrienne said...

I'll just say lovely...cause if I start using all the adjectives I'm thinking to describe how great this series'd think I'd put something funny in my coffee! Happy Sunday to you too!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Each so unique in it's own way -- wonderful!

Ida said...

What a pleasing set of photo's for the prompts.
Fun looks like it would be - such joyous faces.
Messy & Arts and Crafts - These look very interesting.
Blessing is so sweet and well come to think of it so is your Effort Shot.

Bridgit's Bell said...

Visiting from Scavenger, it was fun to see your interpretations.

Nicki said...

These are all just so perfect - I love how you capture every day. Well done!

Anonymous said...

what a fun happy day