Tuesday, June 11, 2013

one fifty five through one sixty one

Well, we are back from a jaunt down to Florida.  We did four days at Disney and took a beach stop on the coast on the way home. It was a lovely combination of activity and relaxation (thought with a lot of rain!), and a great fit for the ages of our kids.  In fact, the only real meltdown we had at Disney was by me, when I finally brought my SLR on the only sunny day...and then dropped it on the concrete outside Space Mountain.  I broke my 50mm 1.4 lens and it broke my heart.  To my surprise, my husband found a camera store and a 50mm 1.8 before we headed to the beach, and I couldn't have been more ridiculously grateful.  Who doesn't love beach pictures?  I have yet to really assess the difference in the lenses, thus far I am quite happy (and this new lens was half the price of the one I broke).  Luckily, the instagram addiction paid off in at least some pictures of our time at Disney.

It was a great trip, but I think we are all looking forward to a little down time at home.  
And we even got back in time for the blooming peonies.

one hundred and fifty five

one hundred and fifty six

one hundred and fifty seven

one hundred and fifty eight

one hundred and fifty nine

one hundred and sixty

one hundred and sixty one


Adrienne said...

I like your husband so much! What a great gift to get a lens for you so quickly!! Love all things hotel, disney and twirling. It was fun to keep up with you on instagram. Really love the shot of the boy in the rumpled sheets...and the sweet face of your snuggling girl.

Amanda said...

You get seriously gorgeous lighting. I love that black and white one.