Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One hundred and forty

Life is a funny ride.  I had a few quotes to share on failure (worth a read, some are funny, some kinda encouraging), because I feel like I've been stumbling along the way a lot.  And I'm getting tired of getting back up.  Trying new things only to find more things I'm botching.  Needing something... But then I got a hand up, pat on the back, push forward from an unexpected place, and it made all the difference in my outlook.  

You never know how far a kind word will go.  Don't hold yours back from those you care about.


Tracey from Haiku.You.Do said...

Funny how we get those when we most need them...

LOVE those piggy toes all spread out for the landing!

Adrienne said...

So true - about kindness...I find it to be an essential, yet often underrated quality. And I'm sitting stubbornly, arms crossed...resisting the getting back up at the moment. Even as I "sit" I know it won't be forever...but sit, I do. Not to read too much into this shot - but I love the soiled, strong little feet ... poised for a landing ... seeming ready and able to support the joy and movement of life! {also, a cute shot of your daughter on the slide!}