Friday, May 24, 2013

one hundred and forty three

It is sometimes a bit of
a challenge for me to deal
with school projects.  I've always felt
it should be my child's work,
but when I step back from
it, I feel like I've dropped
the ball as a parent.  Especially
when I see the collection of 
projects at school, many looking way
beyond the work of their grade.
I hope my kids will be
learning responsibility and pride in themselves--
instead of a feeling of neglect!

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

It's a conundrum. Since my kids did most of their elementary school in France, we missed a lot of this...I would help them sometimes if there were repetitive tasks (gluing things down, cutting...etc.) but the project had to be theirs. Neither of my kids went through the public school system with a straight A, on to the ivy leagues type mentality. I think they're better off for it...they sure can think for themselves and support themselves. So I'm grateful for that!