Tuesday, May 28, 2013

one hundred and forty seven

Well, I think I may have gotten most of my cell phone sillies out now and I can return to being a normal person.  Well, a lot of my sillies.  And, as normal as I ever was.  The cell phone certainly has its advantages as a camera, being smaller and more wide angle than my slr/50mm combo, so it can go places I couldn't before.  Which is lots of fun.  When we were at an interactive Alice in Wonderland performance at the park, I kept stepping back to get the shot with my big girl camera, only to have 5 parents (with cameras, phones, even some sort of tablet) jump in front of me to snap their own kids. Several times I wanted to shout, 'Hey, you're in my shot!'  I felt like that commercial where the mom clears the table with her arm to get the 'perfect' birthday picture of her daughter.  This poor kid in the stripes was like a magnet, turning up right at the wrong time.

It was pretty frustrating.  So was trying to shoot manual in the heat of activity (with sun, shade, movement), at one point I had to give up and go aperature priority.  But it sure is fun to play and experiment.  And the event in the park was a great activity to start off our summer reading, which is Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass.  Of course.

I hope you had a great weekend.  We did more garden planting, had a cookout and a stroll.  Just what I needed.

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Amanda said...

Shooting pure manual gets stressful sometimes. I'm still learning, so when I don't have just enough time to get all my settings right, I start sweating a little bit. Love the pictures, as usual :)