Monday, April 1, 2013


I was awfully excited as Easter approached and our fresh eggs were piling up in the fridge, until two things dawned on me:

fresh eggs are notoriously difficult to peel when hard boiled and
 how does one color eggs that are already colored?

At one point, I considered buying some white eggs at the store.  But then I saw a recipe for baking hard boiled eggs and gave it a whirl.  It worked!  The eggs were an easy-peasy peel!  No fooling! 

Somewhere I read about using paint pens on eggs, so we gave that a shot, too.  Not quite the same, but pretty and fun nonetheless.  It all worked out, but I'm thinking this means we need to get some chickens that lay white eggs for next year!
Happy Monday!

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Amanda said...

Fun! I love the idea of paint pens.