Wednesday, March 27, 2013

eighty five

I want a new sofa.  Preferably one that is big, deep, cushy, and can comfortably fit most of a family of six for snuggling.  Maybe leather?  I know it exists, we found one once at a going out of business sale...and we didn't buy it.
What I can afford right now is a psuedo-leather-slipcover made from a curling cow hide rug and the gratitude in knowing there are bigger concerns in life.  It's Easter week!  I should be making little bunny ears for our guinea pig and photographing him.

Wishing you (and me) a grateful heart and a wonderful holiday.
And maybe someday a cushy new sofa.

Mostly Black and White Wednesday
I had to sneak a little color in.
I needed it.


Kathy McB said...

Not sure which shot I love better :)

Nicki said...

Oh, thank God you got your priorities straight and made the ears. (tehehe!). Loving both of this pictures.

Adrienne said...

The best thing about not-new furniture - no one minds if you jump. It's only now, with no one around, that i'm starting to crave decent stuff a little bit. It was fun not ever having to worry about ruining stuff when they were young!