Thursday, February 21, 2013

fifty two

Recently, I've been using my son's old sneakers to take the dogs out.
His old sneakers, because his new ones are too big for me.
I can also snitch his fleeces and even his snow pants.
Weird on so many levels.
Not the least of which is my having the body of a 12/14 year old boy.

Something interesting that hit me after my son's conferences this week,
a round robin through all his middle school teachers,
was the differing interpretations of his work by his teachers.  It was like a tale of two kids.
While he's got all As and Bs, one set of reports had him as a straight A student, 
an all around 'good kid,' and an active class participant.
The other set of teachers complained of a late homework or that he hadn't gotten a test signed by me.
It occurred to me later that the split was very obviously (and to me surprisingly) male/female.
This is the first year he's had any male teachers, and I guess I'm glad he has so many?
One or two interesting reads.

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Nicki said...

I often slip on my son's slip-ons to run outside. I can not correlate this to being the same size as a teenage boy - just have big feet!! Love the perspective of these pictures.

Can also relate to the Jekyll and Hyde school reports. I get motion sickness with the back-and-forth of good/bad.