Saturday, January 19, 2013


I've been working on some valentines for the kids.  I love these Picasa fonts, but I don't know if I can download them and print them myself?  Otherwise, it's back to the boring fonts on my computer.  If I can manage to print them out without having to replace any ink cartridges, I can maintain the illusion that printing at home isn't any more expensive than buying the character valentines at the store...and we can spend the next few frigid days starting to address them.
This first one attached to a packet of cocoa would be kinda sweet.

In the interest of my 365 project, I am trying very hard to take a picture a day, not just post every day.  Sometimes that's awfully hard!  But I did get the love bug one this morning...for some reason I can always find a lady bug in the bathroom.
I wonder why that is...


Adrienne said...

First, love these! {and my 365 isn't always true to the exact day...hmmm...} Also, if you can't get these fonts to do what you need them to, try

Nicki said...

cute, cute, cute Valentines. Good luck with the printing.