Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Puttering About

Hi there.  
I've been gone awhile.  

I wish I could report to you an Eat, Pray, Love journey of self discovery during my blogging absence, but alas, no.  Just a bit of puttering about the dark corners of my mind...and finding nothing much but cobwebs.  I tried to clean those out a bit, but, really, I'm not very good at house keeping.  

So, instead, I got a puppy.
Now I am way too preoccupied to wonder much whether I am enlightened or not.


Adrienne said...

Hi! have missed the loveliness you bring from your corner of the blogosphere ~ sorry there are still cobwebs...not that unusual, I fear. What a cute pup! My daughter got a puppy in October for her first anniversary and we are all in love! There are a few pics floating around my blog.

MommaBBabyboy said...

What a sweet little face! Xxx