Friday, October 5, 2012


I am back.  Well, sort of.
I'm back in my house.  Home.
I'm surrounded by suitcases and laundry.
I'm back in the grind.  Schoolwork.
But mentally, I'm at the beach.
I'm listening to the sounds of
Cousins laughing.  Family chattering.  Waves crashing.
And in this I find comfort.

My Memory Art


Kaeley said...

I love this photo - makes me want to hop in my car and drive to the beach right now!

Adrienne said...

Those sounds of family! I am especially in love with 'cousins laughing'!! Hope you had a wonderful trip!

Kim Stevens said...

I was just at the beach this week, so peaceful and quiet!! Love that photo!

Debbie said...

we were at the beach today, it was lovely!!

it wonderful to come home. my always comforts, the beach and my home!!

pattisjarrett said...

Definitely have to keep those memories alive, at least until the laundry is caught up. :)