Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's hard to believe that we brought these little chicks home just a few months ago.  Now we are on the verge of getting our first eggs.  The hens have been making a lot more noise, sounds that remind me of the
 Cadberry Egg commercial from Easter time.  

I find myself expecting them to do a lot of clucking, lay an egg and walk off like the bunny would hop away in the commercial.  I've even been searching the coup as well as all their daytime hangouts, 
just in case they feel as new to this as I do.

Do they understand that they lay in the coup right away?  Will they hate me for taking their 'babies'?
Will our rooster get protective?
Whenever it starts, I'm ready.  Except we're going to be so busy this week, I'm afraid we'll miss it.

At least, I'm hoarding egg cartons like a champ.  And hoping.

And guess what?  While working on this post, my boys just found it.  An egg.  In the garden! 



Cherry said...

Linking up after you at Simple Things Sunday - how exciting to find the first egg! Our daughter and son-in-law started with baby chicks a number of months ago, as well - and they are getting eggs every day now. Such fun for their three year-old son, and they are enjoying having all the eggs to use.

Lisa said...

I forget how I found you BUT! I love your blog! I LOVE your photos! They are fantastic!!!

Cynthia L said...

Linking from Simple Things Sunday - I'm kind of jealous we can't have "farm animals" in our community. I would love to have a chicken coup, fresh eggs are so yummy. Plus I wont lie, the photo possibilities excite me as well.

Adrienne said...

What a cool watch them grow up like that!! And he found an egg...I can't even imagine how thrilled he must have felt!!

Sweet Georgia Sweet said...

How wonderful! A friend & I were talking last week about the benefit of having your own chickens...... she told me she thought I might be too girlie to handle it...... I'm kind of inclined to believe her. ;)

Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl said...

What a beautiful post! We raise chickens and the excitement of finding an egg never goes away! Please come over and link up to my Farm Girl Friday Blog Fest:

Nancy Claeys said...

Congratulations on your first egg! Your photos are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

Rachel said...

I love how simple yet descriptive these images are.