Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainy Day

It's a dreary day here, making it awfully hard to 
shirk my household cleaning & organizing duties. 
Unless, of course, I waste the morning photographing the rain.

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


Kathy said...

Same here..add WINDY to the mix. No way an umbrella would stay put today. Love that second shot. JUST the right moment :). I'm shirking too...too much cleaning waiting for me. I like to be fashionably late, haha.

Kim Stevens said...

Well Brandi, I would say you make a great choice to photograph the rain, keep shirking, it will be there later!! ; )

Renae said...

Oh please re-post this on my blog hop, "Picture Poetry"! it is perfect and I would love all of my followers to see it! It starts in about a half hour from now (11 pm mdt) and goes for two full days! I loved your photographs and the simple loveliness of your words. Please do link it soon. I love it!

Jill Wellington said...

Photographing rain is MUCH more fun than housework! Fun shots!!

Renae said...

Thank you Brandi! that is such an awesome photography - both of them are - that I was so hoping you would link over.... yay!