Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watching the Night Skies

I let my one of my daughters stay up to watch for the full moon.  
She chose a fancy dress and a flower for her hair.  
We caught fireflies while looking for signs of light in the treeline across the street.  

And just as it was getting exciting...

she was done and wanted to go inside. 
 Did you catch the full moon?
Another chance August first.

Tonight we'll be looking for something different in the skies.
Happy Fourth!


Curiosa Kat said...

i just love the full moon! too bad it's been raining for days now where i am. happy independence day! =)

CommonWeeder said...

Fabulous photos of a beautiful daughter - and moon. We should all look up more often, day and night.

I'm Holly said...

Wow Beautiful. Your photos are almost surreal. I love your photo of the moon.

Susan said...

Oh my...these pictures are beautiful.

Love that moon.

Have a blessed 4th of July!