Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Preschool Teacher I am Not

Last week when we attended a local festival, we participated in a parade with awesome masks and costumes.  I couldn't help sizing up the costumes...how were they made?  How fun would it be to do this at home?  So, now that we are recovered from our festival fun and looking for something to do...I'm giving paper mache a try.  And I say I because like most of the things I try to do with my kids...it ends up being me in the end.  I'm curious as to whether or not I am a control freak and can't let it go, or whether there is something else at work.  

I armed myself with paper, cardboard tubes, masking tape and a stack of books from the library, and gathered the kids to talk over what kind of mask to make.  Rabbit?  Frog?  Cat?  Well....it all went to pot.  Instead of mulling over animal choices, one child wanted to make the hot air balloon on page 34.  And not like it was demonstrated, but with an actual balloon pulling a paper mache basket.  Forget that we'd need helium, that wasn't registering with this little girl.  Pouting ensued.  Somebody else was grossed out by the process and went off to draw.  And the last child wanted to bake instead.

We made it through the making of the base, and then had to get outside and have an evening swim.  
I was feeling a little hot headed.

Then I returned to trying to mull over our choices....ears...



The next morning I settled on a fox, because the kids wanted to dance to music instead.  So much for paper mache with the kids.  I've still got some more layers of paper mache and painting, so perhaps they'll get in on that.  At least I hope it is fun for them in it's finished form?  Perhaps I am expecting too much here? 

Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong...

 If I haven't completely destroyed any interest in paper mache, here are some of our online inspirations.  The kids did enjoy looking at these, at least:

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