Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making a Plan

I'm in the midst of a closet cleaning frenzy (despite attempts by some to foil the purging of stuffed animals by simply laying on piles of them and casually reading).  I've decided that on the First Day, that day in the very near future when I drop my youngest off at preschool and drive away all by myself, I will not do housework.  No laundry, dishes, vacuuming, scrubbing floors or toilets.  Oh no.  I will have this house so whipped into shape that I won't be even slightly tempted to stick around here cleaning windows.

So in between getting the good out of the summer with the kids over the next month, I'll be getting the clutter out of the house so there can't be any temptation.  Nothing to keep me from going for a run.  Or getting a haircut.  Or drinking a cup of Starbucks while aimlessly wandering the photography section of Barnes and Noble.

I will not be celebrating a few hours to myself, I'll be celebrating the past 12 years.  Celebrating 4 pregnancies, 4 natural childbirths, years of nursing, ten years of diapers, bouts of potty training, and continued attempts to teach kindness and compassion (and the alphabet) so that my children can successfully go into the world, a little bit at a time, without me.
And be ok.

I've been very blessed.
I've got a lot to celebrate.

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Adrienne said...

Yes you do! and Bravo on the plan to use you time for YOU!!