Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Visit

We spent the morning on the porch awaiting a visitor.  My youngest wanted to wear her favorite dress with the rosette.  She and her sisters made welcoming messages with chalk on the front steps.  Some of my children have never even met my aunt, it's been that long since I have seen her.  Facebook allows us to stay close and to feel like a part of each others' lives despite our current distance.  The visit was an odd juxtaposition.  There was a flood of childhood memories from the sound of her voice and mannerisms, yet we met as adults and talked about music over rhubarb crisp.  It made me so very sad to see her go on her way, to continue an exciting journey in which we were but a stop.  Afterward I realized I felt homesick.  Part of what I know as home, at least from my childhood, went with her.

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Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Oh such a sweet little dress and cute chalk messages. That is great you are so close to your sister, and have such wonderful memories of your childhood. (Oh and rhubarb crisp? Yum!)