Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Off The Couch

My brother is a runner of marathons and even ultra marathons.  One time, at a party a few years ago, I overheard a friend remark to him how she could never do what he does.  He very humbly gave her a pep talk about how anyone who can run can do it, they just have to make the choice to get off the couch and train.  The friend still looked at him as if he had superhuman powers, and I think he might, but his words have stayed with me.

Now of course I've applied these words in my own way, because I'm pretty self absorbed like that, but I have used it as my own pep talk about photography.  For years I've been in a state of aspiring professional photographer, and perhaps you know something about it if you've had dreams like mine.  Sometimes when revealing this dream to someone, the conversation will take a turn which hits home this idea:  lots and lots of people have this dream.  And then I'll hear a story about their friend who wants to be a portrait photographer, or one of their own Christmas cards had everyone suggesting they should do it professionally.  And in my mind, after the downer of thinking I'm not so special, I'm also saying to myself, But I'm going to get off the couch.  I'm really going to do it.  Someday.
This rotates in my head on a regular basis.  Get off the couch  Get off the couch  Get off the couch.  I don't need motivation to take pictures, but I roller coaster between inspiration and deflation on a regular basis.  I'm good enough.  No, I'll never be good enough.  Maybe I could be good enough, if I just keep trying.  I may never have a business, but I certainly hope I am always learning and improving  and passionate.  And in the end, I'll have lots of pictures of my family in the process.  That's gotta be a win. 

Everybody has a dream.  What's yours?
(stolen loosely from Pretty Woman)

Get off the couch and chase it!

And, since I've got a thing for lashes this week, here's our longest, often hidden behind glasses.

Have a great weekend.

Get off the couch.


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Adrienne said...

Dream: out of a 9-5 office job, back into my home full time, scrapbooking business that actually makes some money! From where I sit {on the couch...hahaha!} you have a very special eye. I, for one, love looking at the world through your lens.