Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Embracing the Now

This summer has been a very different experience for me.  After years of nursing, diapers, lurking over toddlers at parks and pools, and potty training, I suddenly find myself able to sit down.
Sometimes even for long stretches.
It's amazing.

Yet while I sit and pat myself on the back for surviving those physically draining years to come to this happy place, I realize that this too shall pass.  They will not forever be picking me flowers and holding my hand.
It's as if I can feel it sliding through my fingers.
Embrace the now.


Wendy said...

It does go so fast.... too fast at times! I love this picture! Enjoy these moments :)

Anonymous said...

Our oldest is about to be 8 but our youngest is a 2 year old in potty training. I know very little about free moments :) Enjoy this season of your life!

Jessica said...

i'm still in the stage of nursing and diapers. trying to love it all knowing it does go by fast.

Adrienne said... every stage - each so different - there are versions of hand holding and flower picking. And, while time does march on, embracing every age - really being in it with them - is such a rich experience that stays with us (even when they're gone!) Love the flower in the pocket pic!

Em S said...

Diapers, diapers and more diapers! One day I will be sitting, dreaming of diapers I'm sure!

Crissy @ House of Marlowe said...

This post is exactly what I was reminding myself of yesterday while I was sitting with my toddler at the baby pool and all of my friends (with older children) were busily chatting and lounging about. I know these times are precious and I will long for them when they are gone.

Emily Kate said...

Seriously gorgeous pics and totally relate to this post.:)

hennymats said...

not quite there yet but I know what you mean... lovely post. And your photos are so amazing! That flower one is so pretty and I love the other one, too.