Thursday, June 7, 2012

Embrace the Field Trip

The Mister saw it coming a mile away.
"No.  We are not going to New York."

When I was looking for summer reading, I found a book about kids hiding out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  I was intrigued--only more so to find it was the inspiration to part of the story in The Royal Tenenbaums.  And when I was simultaneously writing From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler on our summer reading list and take the kids to an art museum on our summer bucket list, an idea started taking shape.  Remembering that the setting to another of our summer books, Stuart Little, and last year's home library addition, A Cricket in Times Square, were also in New York City, well, my idea was firmly rooted.  We need a field trip.

But my hubby, he's firmly rooted in the country.  I think I softened him up a little when I joked, 'please don't make me take my mom...' because I know I won't take the kids all by myself and my kind, generous soul of a mother can get lost in the town she grew up in.  So, we'll see.  But, I hope he comes around because I've already added it to the list.

Take the kids to NYC.

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Adrienne said...

When my kids were young we lived in Paris. And there was a beautiful book called Linea in Monet's Gardens that we read. Then we bought the doll of the main character and left the city and took a train to Monet's garden. Then to the museums to see the Water Lilies. There are other books like this that take place in different museums and parts of Paris...and may I just say...some of the most memorable adventures we had with the kids. Crossing my fingers that you're able to make your NYC adventure a reality!!