Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BW Wednesday--My Son

 I was sorting through some of my pictures from the last few months, and realized how difficult it has become to photograph my son.  He is usually the only one who balks at the camera, and as he is getting older, I have given him his space.  I really only need so many pictures of him sticking his tongue out at me.  I did, however, managed to get him in front of the lens today.  And really, he is such a handsome guy!  Especially when his tongue stays where it should.

I messed around with my processing, black and white, of course, cause it's Wednesday, but also a sort of old photo/vintage thing I am now addicted to.  I don't have photo shop, I still just use the software that came with my camera...a canon rebel from years ago.  It is always a bit exciting to think about all the equipment and processing out there that I don't have or even know about yet, when I am not completely envious  and admiring of those who have and know.  Perhaps someday!

Black and White Wednesday


missjonquil said...

Love it

Adrienne said...

These are great! Love the one with him looking down "showing off" his eye lashes. I use a site called - it's free (at least for now, they may charge an annual fee at some point). It's got great editing stuff to play with, you can make collages - I've really enjoyed it (don't have any editing software of my own either!) Boys are harder with the get lots of them, that is. My favorites of my son that age are candids that I snuck when he wasn't paying attention to me!

Heidi said...

These are so wonderful. And I use too. It is a really cool site to play around with. I sure hope you will come back in the fall when I start up Black and White Wednesdays again!