Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 The previous owners of our house filled the garden with daffodils, and every spring there is more than enough to pick them without care.  The happy yellow flowers kick off our garden bouquet season. Then there is a lull until the lilacs (my addition), as the selection of tulips this year consists of a few sad loners.  I've tried to add to it every year, but the whole planning ahead side of bulbs puts me at a disadvantage.  I'm working on it.  So, we have to get more creative, since I only allowed my future florists to pick one garden tulip this year.  We did settled on apple blossoms to accompany it.  In particular, from the branches by the bottom of the slide...because preventing apples from dropping at the bottom of a slide is definitely planning ahead I can get behind.

Along with the picking of flowers, I received a batch of prints in the mail last week.  After my decoupage plan was scratched, I spent the weekend picking through the rest of my pictures, envisioning the best place and display for them.  Despite an urge to get pictures off the camera and on the walls, I always struggle with it, with balance...a feeling that each of my children has proper representation.  I spent too much time agonizing over who to put where.  I think that's why I like to take pictures of just hands or feet--it could be anyone!  But for now I've settled on some arrangements.  There is a set over the mantle of my youngest two, and these crown shots replaced Valentine pictures in the kitchen...

Some bubbles in the dining room for fun...unless I change my mind and pick through those stacks some more...

But probably my favorite is the crocus.

Hands picking flowers must be my favorite subject.

My Sweet Girl is sadly underrepresented...and I might not sleep well until I fix that.
Picking through prints can drive me mad.

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