Monday, April 23, 2012

My Own Little Craft Weekend

 I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use all those pictures I take, so this weekend I tried to make a few things ahead of time for mother's day.  I also gave a guinea pig a bath for the first time, but more on that later.  Go me!  I first tried some bookmarks and a notebook.  Decoupage is involved.  You are warned.  I also pulled out my paper trimmer, 1 inch circle punch, corner rounder, and little letter stamps.  I decoupaged photos and patterned paper onto thin cardboard (chipboard) and did a little stamping.  (I think other glue would work just as well, I didn't really like the effect when I decoupaged over them.)  Then, I used some leftover embroidery floss (from a flirt with friendship bracelets last summer) to make some tassels (Martha Stewart thinks of everything).  It seemed a little intimidating, but it was really pretty easy to finagle.  I ended up using a small screw driver to fish the floss through when wrapping the tassel.

I thought these would be a great gift with a good book or a book store gift card for mom.
I'm thinking teacher gifts as well.

I've been wanting to try this notepad idea for a while, and finally did. 
 It was easier than I expected, and I was really happy with how it turned out. 

 I've also been wanting to try making an accordion style 'brag book'---and I finally did it.
I am seriously giddy about it.  After I watched this tutorial I realized I had all the right supplies, why haven't I tried this before?  It turned out so much like I had wanted, and it really wasn't hard at all.  I just used some card stock, decorative paper, chipboard (from the packaging my prints come in from mpix), paper trimmer and glue. 

I added some photos and stamping.  I'm not one who scrapbooks, so playing with the arrangement of things is a little new to me.  These projects didn't turn out perfectly, but it sure was fun.  
And nothing is better than handmade.
Especially for Mom. 

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Jacci said...

love the crafts. love the shots you chose. beautiful!