Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ledge Update

A little while back, I constructed this ledge on a whim.  I'm proud to say that it hasn't yet fallen to pieces, despite the fact that my husband eyes it cautiously every time he passes by it.  Just for kicks I added a last reinforcing nail yesterday, and I'm pretty sure it's good.  I also happened to finally fill the last frame that I had set aside to use on it.  I've had some struggles with my framing, though.  I bought a bunch of cheap frames hoping to have mattes made with different sized openings to fill the hallway, like this inspiration clipping I smuggled out of a magazine at the doctor's office.

  But, this wasn't going well.  The mattes were more expensive than I expected, I couldn't get the color right (I mean, how hard is off-white?  Actually, harder than you think!), and then I wasn't even sure what size opening to use with what size frame.  I tried to get advice from the framer, but the guy just kept smiling and saying, 'We can cut 'em any size you like.'  Helpful.

Despite the fact that I was preparing to order a print and give the matting another go, I came across some inspiration while mindlessly browsing internet researching.  Unfortunately, I can't find the original link, I was so deep into it.  I've been doing collages on canvas with decoupage...

 but I worry about the limitations, no switching out prints when you feel the itch...and then it hit me!  Do it in a frame!  A little double sided tape, a few 4x6 prints, (this is a 12x16 in frame) and a few minutes later I was done.  Ah.

I was pretty happy with the end result, especially because I know it is easy enough to change around or replace.  I can always have a matte made down the road.  For now, I'll just walk down the hall with a smile, hoping and praying none of my children try to hang off my ledge.

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Jacci said...

love it! :) actually, love *them* - both ideas. I've been trying to figure out something to do with our photos, too. But, I'm thinking I'll want to switch up the photos, too... hmm. But, I really like what you did! Fun!