Thursday, April 19, 2012

Embracing Bubbles

We were blowing bubbles the other day when I thought it would be fun to embrace the camera.  It didn't exactly turn out, but I really liked the chaotic feel of the picture.  Related to it right away.  And the fact that you can only see only part of my leg.  The dress I was wearing...turned out very unflattering in film.  Little side benefit of getting in front of the camera, seeing how some of your clothing choices really look.  I put the dress in the give away pile, and we tried embracing with bubbles again the next day.  But coordinating bubbles with a timer while trying to get everyone into the frame is challenging. 

I never quite got what I was looking for, but we had a good time.  And we've got a whole summer just around the corner to keep trying.

My Curly Q got this last one.  I wish I knew how to edit this so the bubbles would come out a little more.  But, I love it.  I think she's got a future with the camera.

Have you tried it?  Join in!


Jacci said...

Very sweet! I'm inspired to try sme bubble shots soon. That's a great "planned" shoot that doesn't seem overly contrived. Very fun. And I agree, that last one is really good!

Amber said...

so fun! Bubbles are the best. Cute pics!

Emily Kate said...

Such a cute idea, I think the pictures turned out adorable!