Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embracing the Bath

When we adopted our guinea pig a few months ago, I knew I should take him in for a check up.  But, I didn't get to it until I felt some flaky skin on his backside a few weeks ago.  Our vet suspected he has mites.  So, we were instructed to give him medicine weekly for 5 weeks, and it was suggested that we give him a bath after 2 doses.  When the kids heard that, they got really excited.  And then they started asking, 'Can we give him a bath yet?' the way kids ask, 'Are we there yet?' on a long car ride.  For 2 weeks.  Finally, over the weekend, it was time.  The guinea pig and I, and four excited and wiggly children, gathered in the bathroom for the event.  And while I can't say that the guinea pig seemed to enjoy it necessarily, he didn't seem too put out either.  And neither were we.  We thought it was the cutest thing. 

Getting the guinea pig was her idea.  Love that girl.
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Wendy said...

Oh, my son wants a guinea pig so badly ~ not happening :) Your pictures are so cute though and it makes me think........ ok, no. But you do have quite the cutie on your hands :)

Jacci said...

Very cute! I'm thinking maybe a hamster. But, you can't bathe a hamster, and bathing your little piggie looks like something my girls would want to do on a weekly basis... at least.

So, question: for some reason I've had it in my head that the guinea pigs stink. Do they stink? Give us the scoop! :)

You have beautiful children, by the way!

Brandi said...

Ahh...I think I finally figured out 1. that that stinky word verification was on my comments and 2. how to turn it off.

Anyway, the guinea pig isn't really stinky itself, probably boys more than girls, but it's the cage that requires cleaning frequently. I think they have a lot more personality than hamsters, and we let ours out in my daughters room to explore. He isn't very curious, but I had one previously who came out and ran circles around my laundry piles while I was sorting. It was adorable. I'd recommend them, but it's definitely another chore to do!

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

CUTE! From the thumbnail I at first thought that was a very well-behaved hamster!

Great Scott said...

oh my goodness - HILARIOUS! i can't believe the hamster was so good about getting a bath. love this post!