Monday, March 26, 2012

What's for dinner?

Why do Mondays always have to feel like Mondays?  There almost always seems to be a laundry list of complaints that accompany this day, perhaps a carry over from weekend chaos.  There was a mouse in the kitchen drawers.  The dishwasher decided it no longer wanted to drain.  The kids didn't have any shirts for school, and I spilled coffee on the keyboard, meaning we could no longer use the computer.

While my husband was looking over the dishwasher, I took my frustrations out by cleaning and organizing the laundry room.  I ironically found myself sorting through every kind of stain product, ones I obviously haven't been using to keep my kids' white shirts sparkling clean.  We got the computer back on line, so I can now order more school clothes.  The laundry room is clean, so I can more properly wash them.  The dishwasher only partly works, and I'm pretty sure the entire kitchen and it's contents need a serious decontaminating.  So...

Meal planning for this week?  It may not happen.  It may involve frozen pizza and paper plates.  It was supposed to involve healthy choices, since last week's comfort food binge combined with trying to fit into clothes for 80 degree weather made a few things very clear.  I need to eat better.  And exercise.  But first, I need to clean the kitchen.  I'll be entertaining visitors in the laundry.  All it needs are some prints of smiling, dirty children.

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