Sunday, March 4, 2012

What's for dinner? -- Spring Break Edition

Last week was a vast improvement for meal planning, and I can't believe I have spent so long flying by the seat of my pants!  The big winner for me was the easy Pizza Hut bread sticks I made from beer batter pizza dough.  The topping was good, but the beer batter dough made this awesome!  Great way to bribe my kids into eating their french onion soup.

This week I've got in the plans:
Monday:  Chicken parm
Tuesday:  leftover chicken parm into subs with quinoa salad
Wednesday:  A fritatta (probably broccoli and cheese)
Thursday:  Really hoping for nice weather to grill burgers!  I've been craving some...
Friday:  We've been doing a local fish fry

I'm still flying by the seat of my pants on the weekend, but it's been working out fairly well, so I'll just leave it at that.

My kids are home for spring break this week, so I'm trying to line up activities, too.  We've got the standby library and parks, but we may or may not be up to some of these crafty looking projects:

felt crown
princess hat
pup tent
St. Pat's crafts
Easter crafts

Most of those seem a little more involved than I think we can realistically handle, but I can dream.  Maybe we'll head out to see the Lorax instead!  Have a great week.

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