Monday, March 19, 2012

What's for Dinner and Chasing Leprechauns

I've been dealing with head congestion for over 2 weeks.  Then I got hormonal.  Then, perhaps because of the hormones, I got into a fight with a long time friend.  Corned beef and cabbage couldn't even cheer me up.  So, it looks like a week of comfort foods for me.  Chicken soup, mac n'cheese, asparagus quiche, something with sausage and potatoes, pizza.  And probably some a lot of chocolate. 

There was much St. Patty's day activity here at our house.  Do you chase leprechauns?  My kids wanted to put up a trap, leave their shoes by the door, and write notes to make friends with the leprechauns.  I don't know where they got it from, I never did this as a kid.  But it was fun.  Our trap involved some Barbies and gold legos.  The leprechauns left those gold foil chocolate coins and green glitter everywhere, though we didn't manage to catch one.  Guess we'll try again next year!

I did look for four leafed clovers as a girl, and my sweet girl found one--on St. Patrick's day!  How lucky is that?

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