Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tee Pee Tuesday

I've been trying to find a good/easy/stable way for my kids to make a tent.  I wanted something I could use indoors and out, something cute and fun.  Big enough to fit a bunch of kids but stable enough not to fall on top of their heads.  I found some great pup tent ideas online, but on a trip to Lowe's, I just decided I couldn't build something that would fit my needs and that I could actually store somewhere.  So, today, while conversing with my son about why he couldn't go out into the neighboring cow pasture to built himself a fort, I tried to compromise.  And this post I came across during my pup tent searches was stuck in brain.  I knew we had a tee pee structure from our garden last year.

 Eventually morning glories made it their home.

 We dragged it out of storage (leaning against the garage) and with a few sheets and flag banner we had an almost exact copy from the Prop Junkie post.  Wasn't my intention to blatantly copy, but there it is.  It's still a hot cocoa kinda day, but I have hopes for lemonade and bubbles tomorrow.  We'd like to picnic.  The only person who didn't enjoy it was my son.  Well, he wants something more like a beaver dam-all sticks and twigs, all unstable and scary.  I hope he comes around.

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