Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little All Over The Place

I've got few odds and ends today.  Sometimes my brain can't focus until I've wrapped things up.  
Which is why I hung this myself this morning.

 My husband wanted to help me, but the thing is....he is an over thinker.  And that means it takes him a while to commit to doing something.  And I am an under thinker, which is of course, much worse, and it makes me very impatient.  I just couldn't focus on anything else today until I got this ledge up.  It was rather terrifying because I didn't really know how it would work since I made it myself from an impulse at Lowe's, but it seems to be functional.  I stomped and jumped down the hall and nothing fell apart.  Now I just have to figure out what arrangement of pictures I want there.  But, you get the idea.

Something else buzzing in my brain is this wocket.

Just in case you've got any Seussical activities for your kids this week, I thought I'd pass on this printable.

And lastly, a few thoughts about parenting.

My son is going to play lacrosse this year, a sport I played in my youth.  It's been a lot of fun playing catch with him in the yard, but I suddenly feel like one of those over zealous parents pushing my kids into activities based on my own interests and passions...when I really have always wanted to encourage my kids to find their own path.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the influence we have over our children, and other times, like when my son tries to ruin pictures and then sneaks around the corner giggling and snickering with my camera to capture this:

I marvel at how little control I have most of the time.


Jacci said...

Oh, sister, those of us who think we may have some semblance of control even part of the time are only deluding ourselves.


And, I agree, my kids having cameras is adding a whole new element to our end of the year photo collection!

love your post. enjoying your blog!

Brandi said...

I know, I know, I really felt that 'most of the time' wasn't right when I wrote it! Feeling like I have control any of the time would be a marvel!

tasha said...

those are great shots. especially that last one. :)

Amber said...

great post, could not agree more on the parenting part!