Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's for dinner?

Well, last week's attempts at meal planning were a little unfortunate.  Lent threw me off, but I managed to salvage some of that planning.  I did make meatball sandwiches with a side of rather delicious baked kale chips.  We've always got kale around now for our guinea pig, Teddy, and that recipe has my kids fighting over it--plus we can get the fussier ones to eat it by having them 'eat like the guinea pig!'  Weird, but it works.  I also attempted a rather massive batch of General Tso's chicken.  Yum!

There was enough for two dinners--though I substituted broccoli and made another batch of sauce for the second showing cause I can never multiply a recipe properly.  Clean plates all around both times.  Meatball leftovers went into a calzone today, using the beer batter pizza doughHalf this recipe made a huge calzone and a large, full cookie sheet sized pizza.  This was a hit, aside from having to go do a birthday party pick up smelling of the beer I spilled on myself while making it.  Oops.

So on to this week:

I plan to make an excess of onions into french onion soup with salad and deer steaks Monday, with leftovers into steak sandwiches Tuesday.  I plan to use the other half of the pizza dough as bread sticks/steak sandwich rolls--a la this recipe.  Salmon and asparagus are on sale, so I'll make that with potatoes and turn the leftovers into a pot pie with white sauce and a biscuit topping the next day.  And I'll plan for a large batch macaroni and cheese for Friday or the weekend, depending on how poorly my preparations turn out to be this week.

Wish me luck.

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