Friday, February 10, 2012

Musically Speaking

I've been procrastinating.  First, I had a migraine.  Then, I couldn't find my pick.  Then I got into a good husband was working late and there just wasn't any time...I got my period and didn't feel like doing anything...knew the time was coming, but couldn't find that darn pick.  And finally, with only one day left, my husband brought me a selection of picks and I had no choice.  I had to practice my guitar for today's lesson.

Over the past few years, my husband has taken up the banjo and my kids have been learning the violin at school.  This past fall, just after my son's squeaking notes started to sound like real music, my son wanted to quit.  (ugh!)  We managed to get him interested in playing the violin 'fiddle style' with my hubby and his instructor.  It's been great.  They play together, exchange the lead, and I love to listen to them play while prepping or cleaning up dinner.  I've never done much of anything with music, and I love that my husband has this with our kids.  I haven't ever felt left out....but...

My husband has casually mentioned about a 100 times that I should pick up the guitar.  It wasn't too much of a surprise when he gave me lessons as a Christmas gift.  I know it's because he wants me to be a part of his passion.  And I've tried to get into it.  I feel blessed that we can make music a part of our lives.  It wasn't something we could afford when I was growing up.  But, while I am interested, I am not passionate about it.

I tried gently to explain this to my husband as I discussed with him a photography workshop I found next month--somewhat local and somewhat affordable.  I knew we'd had a big post Christmas credit card bill and medical expenses that we hadn't been prepared for, but...I have passions, too. 

I practiced this morning in our front room, looking out the window occasionally, waiting for the mailman to bring some prints I ordered.  I am working on framing some for our hall.  Once they came I tried to balance practicing with fussing with my prints...and I'll continue trying to balance my own passions and those of the one I am passionate about.

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