Thursday, February 9, 2012


So...I'm back from a little break.  I needed time to focus.  Life got a little crazy, and attempting to blog made life a little crazier.  But right now, I feel very different.  Settled.  Like confetti that got thrown in the air and came down into a pretty splash of color on the floor.

December was pure chaos, with birthdays and Christmas and travels for us.  Right before the holiday, my Sweet Girl got a night time brace for her scoliosis.  Oh, and she wisely asked for a guinea pig for her birthday/Christmas--at a time when I just couldn't say no!

We go back for x-rays in April to see if it is managing to stop the curve progression, but it was just a relief--after lots of tests and waiting--to finally get it.  To finally feel like we were doing something.  She has some physical therapy as well, and every night when she exercises and we strap her into her brace, I feel like we've done just a little bit more.

The new year brought a new fight in me.  Fighting clutter, chaos, closets.  Fighting for love, joy, hope.  I feel more normal now.  I'm reading from the adult section on a regular basis.  Doing projects!  I've been up late working on a few different things--things that have made me smile.  And I think as a family we are finding more joy in each other than we have in a long time.

2012 has had a good start.

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