Monday, February 27, 2012

A Cautionary Tale

My palms are sweaty.  I feel a little sick.  There's laundry all over the floor and patiently waiting in the washer and dryer.  The kitchen stools are gone, one appeared in the laundry room.  There are scraps of paper and pictures strewn on the dinning room table.  There's decoupage pretty much everywhere--I'm sure there's even some in my hair.  A message is blinking on the answering machine.  A stack of toilet paper is set up like a pyramid in the hall.

Family emergency?  Natural disaster?  Poltergeist?  Not quite.  No, I had out the hammer and nails...and the craft supplies.  I attempted a little project.  And for the most part, every thing I try turns out quite a lot like a cautionary tale:  WARNING, TRY NOT TO DO THIS LIKE I DID!  Man, what a disaster.

I've done some photo collages on canvas of my kids and they've turned out surprisingly well.  Idea courtesy of Under the Sycamore. new framed by lovely printed paper, decoupaged on canvas?  Not quite the same.  It kept wrinkling and bubbling.  It looked awful.  If you know a thing or two about decoupage, you know a thing or two more than me.  This was a nightmare.  Finally, I just grabbed some double sided tape, put a square on each of the corners of paper and picture and tried to keep this from being a total waste of a morning.  That didn't do it either.  And finally, a little dab of decoupage on the tape seems to have secured things for the time being.

Aside from the lost paper and canvases, and the mental anguish, this is pretty inexpensive and relatively easy...yeah know, for most people.  So, even if it proves to be another poorly planned project by me, it wasn't a total waste.  I will have to spend the rest of the day cleaning up the house.


Jacci said...

stupid decoupage. that's why my lego cabinet is REDONK.


But, your children are adorable, and it all turned out well in the end! So, that's a win.

Brandi said...

Thanks, Jacci! Your children are also adorable! It may always be love/hate for me and decoupage.