Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canine therapy

We haven't had a particularly harsh winter here in the northeast, but there has been enough drear to push me into a slight seasonal depression.  I tried to throw myself into Valentine's day to kind of kick up the winter, but that seemed to backfire.  Or, I'm just tired from all the baking and valentine making...or I indulged in too much chocolate...or at some point a little voice in my head said, 'What about me?'  I hate that voice.  Anyway, I think I need some R&R...or a road trip to sunny skies....or a morning snuggling with the dog.

Be my Valentine?

with the Andersons


{annie_loo} said...

There is NOTHING like the love of a dog! Sweet pix!

Edie S. said...

Big puppy tongue!! Just stopping by from The Anderson Crew's blog!

PoppyHarleyLove said...

I love the sweet little dog kisses!

Jessa said...

What a sweet furry Valentine.