Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's Cooking?

A while back, we had a friend helping us with a home project for several weekends.  After visiting our house a few times, he mentioned that I must bake as my stress relief.  I thought that was a little funny.  I mean, isn't exercise stress relief?  Baking seems like...the opposite.  I guess it isn't really the baking, but the consuming of the baked goods that is the problem!  I've come to notice that our friend might be right.  Especially after the past week or so as I've processed our medical concerns...by tearing it up in the kitchen.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite findings.

I came across two great pumpkin recipes:  donut holes & caramel chocolate chip bars.  Both were found via My Blessed Life, and I owe several of my recent pounds to them!  (You should probably double the donut recipe, it's incredible.)  I've also got a favorite quick french bread, and this week discovered homemade flour tortillas!  Super easy--I made them twice and used them in a casserole and yummy quesadillas last night.   Tomorrow, I may make these pecan pie muffins again, since I've got a hankering I can't get rid of.

I do love to bake.  It may have something to do with necessity--being 20 minutes from the store, or right now it may be something in the air--like cold & snow, or maybe it does somehow give me stress relief.  Except, of course, when I'm dealing with snitchers and spatula stealers!  Whatever it is, I'll keep on baking.  Cause it makes me feel good, it makes the house smell nice, and it takes my mind off other things.

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