Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reading Material

Today I took my two younger girls to the library and we went into the adult section.  Yup.  We climbed the stairs and searched the stacks--and the little ones only got away from me once...and I only had to reshelve two or three books.  But, we did it!  This was made possible only by preparations made ahead of time.  I looked up books online from home, found their call numbers and wrote them on a sticky note--which I stuck in my back pocket.  Being prepared is not my specialty, which is why I so rarely venture upstairs.  The easy flexibility of the children section's toys and books is much more my style.  Except, once I got upstairs with the big stacks, I started grabbing things anyway.  I mean, who knows how long it will take for me to get back?  So what if I won't be able to finish all these books in my two week time period--there is more of a chance I'll immerse myself in at least one of them.  My only regret is that at some point another mother may take that trip upstairs...only to find that her books are sitting pretty in my living room.

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