Thursday, November 17, 2011

Embracing Purpose

On Tuesday night, while climbing into bed, I reached over and grabbed the last of my library books.  I had managed to at least crack open the first three, with varying interest, but I was most excited for the last one, The Purpose Driven Life.  I was quite exhausted, as Tuesday was the very long day of my Sweet Girl's MRI, but after I read the intro, and did some mental math, I couldn't resist starting the first chapter.  The book is set up with 40 chapters to be read daily and starting on Tuesday, the 15th, sets me up to finish the book on Christmas day. 

Last night, I had to force myself to breeze through the second chapter, You Are Not An Accident, cause I was still pretty beat and had kinda forgotten about the book until I was climbing into bed again.  I started to get a little nervous, there was all this talk of God's plan and design, the idea that everything is intentional, that we are made very specifically for God's purpose...I was worried that I wouldn't quite get it.  Believe it.  As I finished the chapter and was putting the book down it dawned on me.  For the longest time I've been trying to figure out my purpose by shoving motherhood aside, what am I other than being a mother?  Last night, it hit me.  I am here to be a mother.  Actually, I thought, I am here to be her mother.  I was in tears before the book hit the floor.

Embrace your purpose, Embrace the Camera.

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Wendy said...

That is a powerful book! Beautiful picture!