Thursday, November 3, 2011

Embracing Milestones

With your first baby, every new thing is a big deal.  Subsequent children have it tough, competing with someone who's already done it...until the baby of the family comes along.  When you know you are done having children, suddenly all those milestones become the last of the firsts.  Whoa.  That's it!  Last first steps, last first words...just like with the first child, you see everything in a new light--and it isn't always the way you'd think it would be.  Suddenly, I am done wishing for some quiet time and now trying to freeze it--chaos and all.

Earlier this summer, my Baby decided she didn't want to wear diapers anymore.  She potty trained in record time and ten years of buying and changing diapers at our house was done.  Ten years.  A decade.  I can't even wrap my mind around that.  Now this week, my Baby has the nerve to bring me drawings that look like something.

Do you see it?  The little eyes and mouth?  The rainbow?  Oh me. Where is the time going?

And then yesterday, my Baby girl had her first haircut.  Despite the fact that she wiggled through the whole thing and it took several stylists to complete the job and it turned out different and shorter than I expected... 

She looks totally adorable.

Tomorrow she'll be introducing me to her boyfriend.

Freeze time...freeze time...freeze time....
(maybe for me we could reverse it...just a little :)

Embrace the camera!

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Wendy said...

Oh how I agree with you! I remember so well with the first, because it was all so new. I sort of remember with the second. But the last.... I know what to expect. I know how fast it all goes and how fast our little ones change. They are the moments I will never get back the ones I have to savor. Great post and I love the new haircut ~ super sweet!