Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We had company over the weekend, and it was lovely.  It is not only special when someone makes the time to come and visit us, but it is also a motivation to tackle little projects we've let slip.  A time to get a picture or hook on the wall, or reorganize so we can best welcome someone to our home.  We decided to swap out beds, and give my Sweet Girl a Big Bed.  We were motivated by the idea of offering her Big Bed to company while she bunked with her brother.  Unfortunately, this was last minute (meaning the day our company arrived) so my girl had to give up her new bed right away.  She didn't really mind, but I wanted to get the room back in order, now that our company has moved on, so she could jump right into it when she comes home from school today.  And I managed this simple garland for her new bed frame:

It's pretty simple--fabric flowers I sewed onto a length of garden twine--but I hope she'll be excited to see it.  I hope it will make her feel special.

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