Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Juvenile Scoliosis

My Sweet Girl came up to me last week and said very casually that her shoulder hurt.  I expected a brush burn, at the most, the result of horsing around with her brother.  When I lifted her shirt, I didn't see anything but her spine.  I kept asking her to look straight, relax her shoulders...nothing could change the twist I saw.  At her pediatrician's office, I bit my lip as we heard the typical presentation and prognosis for scoliosis...usually in prepubescent girls (11-13), usually doesn't require treatment or surgery...I had already googled it.  I knew, at seven, she wasn't typical.  When the pediatrician lifted her shirt, I saw his eyebrows raise.  He knew it too.

There has been a flurry of appointments, x-rays, and soon an MRI.  Her numbers are not good.  Her curve is continually being described as 'very significant'--which is a doctor's nice way of saying really bad--and her age makes the chance for progression even worse.  There are treatments available, and they all sound intimidating and scary.

All this is being talked about in appointments in front of my daughter.  She understands enough to be frightened, and I'm struggling with how to be honest about what is going on without making her more scared.  I'm trying to emphasize a grateful heart for these treatments, the fact that treatment even exists, that there is help available. 

The road ahead seems long, even though I know we will not walk it alone.

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