Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Mom, Bad Mom

My dining room is on the verge of a play room, at least, it's got a play house.  I slid the table to the side, took a few minutes to finagle my miscellaneous attic sheets on the table & cut out windows and a door.  I glued on some flowers during a morning catch up call with my mom.  Ta da!  Nothing crazy, but I'm pretty sure I scored some points with my girls.  And my son declared that he'd be sleeping in it.  Kids can be so easy to please!  Based on the fuss they made, I feel like this is one of those things they will remember, despite the fact that they put their babies to bed in it and went to play somewhere else.

On the flip side, I messed up pretty good last night.  The tooth fairy forgot to come.  Such a simple thing...such a magical morning...or...such a sad shock.  Tooth Fairy, how could you forget that face??  That darn tooth has been loose forever...I've been mentally preparing myself for a visit.  Kids can be so easy to please, and yet...I dropped the ball.  And, sadly, I think that is something that will be remembered, too.  Boo.

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