Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gone to the Dogs

This was going to be an homage to my pets--my large, loud, furry, energetic labs.  In particular, it would be an opportunity to embrace the camera and photograph my old girl, Josie, who is coming on in years.  First she looked a little older, then she moved a little slower, now she is starting to need help 'sneaking' onto the sofa. :(  But...she is crotchety and stubborn.  She can't really sit any more and she was not interested in my cute ideas for photographs.  She wouldn't stay where I asked her to.  She ate my props.

I imagine I'll be some sort of cantankerous old lady, too, when my time comes.  So, we'll be more understanding.  More patient.  And gentle.  And hope for many more years to take pictures with her.

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Kara Faith said...

Ha those pictures made me laugh