Monday, October 10, 2011


I had many goals for the weekend--sunshine, festivals, football, fun, family.  The weather was great, the schedule was full, and we managed to get everything in without incident.  The only problem?  Dragging ourselves out of bed Monday morning!  We are all feeling a little bit like the deflated remains of one of our festival balloon animals.  But it sure was a good time.

Unfortunately, like the balloon animal, this time is fleeting.  It won't last forever.  Fall will change to winter, children will grow older.  Some day, we will have a hard time getting all of them to a festival together on a least, not without their eyes and fingers glued to their phones?  I sure hope to put that off as long as possible...for now,  I am soaking it in. 

 Before I could manage a decent picture....pop!  Oh dear...
And before I knew what had happened, our kind balloon man was handing my baby a new giraffe.  That giraffe almost made it half way back to the car! The orange puppy almost survived the car ride home, and part of the purple one spent the rest of the weekend recuperating...

It's fleeting, this time of simplicity. 

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