Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embracing the Baking

I feel as though I've been a baking fool this past week.  I think I got the dulldrums from the fatigue of baking and cleaning up, but also from the carb overload of stuffing my face taste testing.  I went through a package of 90 cupcake wrappers in a matter of days.  Mostly, this was because I baked a lot of cupcakes.  But, I also tried a new and healthy sounding recipe as a birthday muffin to share at school.  It got nixed after one bite.  Lesson learned--yellow cake and fudge icing for school sharing--lest I be blamed for the total social ruin of my 5th grader.

I did have help, and by that I mean this little one whose idea of helping is to pull a stool up and screech, "Lick?"  "Lick?"  "LICK?!!," while swatting at my spatula.

She did serve me, tea, though, so how can I complain?

 I've been embracing the camera a lot recently, and this shot just kind of happened.  The camera was there.  So was the tea party.  And the inclination to get into the picture with my girl?  Well, that's becoming more spontaneous.  
I think that's the point. 


Melissa G. said...

You caught some precious moments there with your daughter.

Wendy said...

Great pictures! I have a little one at my house who LOVES to help via licking the spoon, beaters, whatever she can get her hands on :)

Heather said...

Love the natural lighting in your photos. And that little lady is precious. Blessings;)

adventures with 4 under 4 said...

great moment captured! and its totally the be a part of the memories our kids/family have. not just that she 'helped' mom bake cupcakes. it's the she & mom baked cupcakes together :)

Mama Bear said...

My boys always want to lick everything. The 'controlling' side of me struggles to let them! Sweet photos :)