Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rain, rain, go away

Yesterday did not go as planned.  Another serving of rain and downpours squashed the fun of our preschool orchard field trip and flooded our garage.  We spent 12 hours cleaning up the mess and kicking ourselves for letting the garage get so messy.  It was getting cleaned out one way or the other, I suppose.  I'm just glad it didn't flood during our renovation, when all our worldly goods were shoved in there!  Always looking on the bright side...

Well, now that the garage is pressure washed and nearly empty, my hubs and I can go on with our continuing battle--how to properly use the space?  My main squeeze wants a man-cave, of course, for hunting & outdoor gear (this one, I think is what he's after) and a 'gym.'  I'd like to see a useable recreation space with furniture, foosball or other games, and potentially with photo studio capabilities.

Better Homes and Gardens via Walmart
Yes, I realize that the flooding issue nixes cozy upholstered seating or anything particularly fancy, but I think there are metal/fake wicker outdoor sets (love this little set (with some cushions) and the one above) that could not only be hauled out and hosed off as needed, but used outdoors when desired--or when we can save up for a new patio to replace the one we lost to the addition.  And as far as the 'studio'--ceiling mounted lights & backdrops kept out of the way, yet ready for use when customers call?  Yeah, I can see it all in my mind.  But, right now, it looks like this:

I imagine a previous owner definitely worked this large detached garage as a serious man cave.  But, I sure can see this space as so much more.  I think we can make it work to suit both our desires.  The mud and muck is mostly out now, and that at least will keep us both happy for a little while.

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