Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Pat on the Back

I was looking in the cupboards for some tummy friendly foods when I realized how bare things were.  I also noticed a few crumbs and thought--now would be a good time to clean out these cupboards.  And you know what?  I did!  This may not be shocking for some, those who maintain better housekeeping than I, but for me this is pretty huge.  I tend to be the type who really doesn't do these things until I absolutely have to--there's an odd smell in the fridge or things are starting to stick to the shelves.

  We've undergone a pretty massive home renovation recently.  I guess all that work and chaos we lived through has made me a little more appreciative of the little things--like running water!  A stove!  Working bathrooms!  Beds to sleep in!  The little things, folks.  It has also made me a little fearful of damaging that drywall that took so long to install.  Now, I rip out pretty pictures and Micheal's coupons and dream of what can be...while I gather the courage (and the finances) to decorate.  Currently, I am in a framing frenzy.  Sort of.  I am collecting frames on the cheap with Micheal's coupons and trying to organize favorite photos and kids artwork with custom mattes.  There's tons out there on the internet to get you itching for hammer and nail.

Laura Liess has a beautiful home I first saw in a magazine last year.  I ripped out a photo of the frames hanging in her entryway, and still have the battered clipping here by my computer for inspiration.  
She has awesome prints in hers, but I am hoping to accomplish something similar with family photos in my upstairs hall.

Another link getting me antsy is here.  I love taking pictures, and I love to see those memories up on the wall, but I am always intimidated.  I was contantly paging through the Pottery Barn catalog while we were renovating for ideas--trim, shelves, windows-- and, they've got great wall ideas I wish I could copy, too.  I like to imagine how I could use my own pictures or kids' artwork and make it look that fabulous... 

Even framing on the 'cheap' takes money, and I'll be working on it a while.  But, it's a fun process and really never ending.  There are always new pictures to incorporate, new artwork, new faces in the family and new memories being made.  I made this friend just yesterday.  I don't know that he'll make the photo wall.

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